..."We closed on a loan with you last year for weatherization. We have seen a 28% decline in oil consumption. We are very happy with this outcome...."  
- March 2013, South Berwick homeowner
" I just wanted to let you know that last year on a day like today we'd practically be in snow suits in our livingroom and we had the heat set to 80 on all 4 thermostats. Today it's quite comfortable in the living room and cranking at 68 throughout the house! !! Woohooo! Thanks again! "        - January 2013, Eliot homeowner

Weatherization is your first defense against high energy costs. SEI has a limited number of low interest, unsecured loans available to help you do that.

We currently have money to loan for this program. If you are interested in financing through the SEI Loan Program, please take our survey, and click on Apply for an SEI Loan below.

Regardless of whether you are interested in borrowing through the program our not, we would appreciate it if you would take our survey (see button above) so that we can gain a greater understanding of the current housing stock in terms of audits, insulation, heating sources, etc. 

Please see the Overview page for terms; the interest rate is currently set at 2.5% for the first 3 years of each loan, and 3.5% for the balance of the loan term.

The SEI loan program is a "revolving" loan program; as loans are repaid, the money is re-loaned into the community so that more homeowners can make their homes more energy efficient. 

 Please note that Efficiency Maine has three financing programs available: an unsecured loan up to $7,500, a secured loan up to $15,000 and a secured loan up to $25,000. Each loan program has slightly different criteria, the interest rate for each is same (4.99%). You can combine an SEI loan with a loan from Efficiency Maine.